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What is Gastracker

Gastracker is one of the most critical elements of Ethereum Classic blockchain, it allows exchanges, miners and wallets to provide their users a most up-to date and independent information about their transactions and blocks. Users rely on it to track their balances and transactions.

Gastracker was created in 2016 to support Ethereum Classic blockchain, when ETH forked after The DAO. It was clear that without a functioning block explorer Ethereum Classic blockchain can't get any adoption, because it wouldn't be accepted by exchanges and mining pools. Gastracker has been providing this critical features since then.


Gastracker is one of the rare cases when it's required to use archival full node, it requires a lot of disk space, which also must be on SSD/NVMe disks because of a heavy load.

Gastracker can't rely just on a single instance, therefore it has to run several nodes, including nodes from different providers (Geth, Parity, etc) to avoid downtime and forks. Gastracker had to provide 5 full archival nodes with caching and aggressive rate limiting to handle the load.

Who supports Gastracker

Currently Gastracker is a volunteer project and it doesn't have any other financial support except donations. Gastracker had to cut costs by shutting down part of functionality in past months, but it still costs a lot to continue its operations, provide enough quality of services and add new features.

You can help Gastracker by sending a donation to an address below:

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Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.